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Operation Support IDF

Supporting Lone Soldiers

Operation Support IDF was founded because of the growing need to support volunteers to travel into Israel and become Israeli soldiers. The volunteer soldiers who had very little to no friends or family in the land of Israel, qualify as Lone Soldiers who will need assistance getting housing, food, and most valued with love for their service. These soldiers need a place to spend their weekends off. They need their own space, and place to call home . They need a family there, people to attend their promotion ceremonies or to take pride in their achievements. These brave women and men need our support to equip them with protective vests, cold weather gear, rain gear, and many other personal clothing items. Our mission is to provide these things to the courageous men and women who’ve volunteered to serve the nation of Israel. We give them their own room, a family, protective gear and essential items. We feed them, we clothe them, and most importantly, we show them love.


Who We Are

Helping our Soldiers

Operation Support IDF is a group of people who admire those who've left their home country and want to support their efforts to serve Israel. Our mission is to give these soldiers a place that is home, where they are loved, accepted, clothed, fed, and their needs outside of the military are met.

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